Elementary School Vs. Middle School



This week’s Student Spotlight at Bon Lin Middle School is Maya Burgess! Maya is a 13-year-old eighth grader. Her favorite subject in school is ELA, but her favorite class is band. She misses nap time in elementary and the easy work. Although she misses elementary school, she is still excited for her transition to 9th grade. Her least favorite change from elementary to middle school is the hard work that’s given. When she first started middle school, she feared of being lost on the first day.  Another thing Maya dislikes about middle school is the homework, which must be a tough task to complete, given that Maya is a “professional procrastinator”. She aspires to become a lawyer in the future, and her favorite after school activity is to play soccer. Maya’s favorite things to do in her free time is watch T.V. and hang out with her friends. She describes herself as smart, kind, stubborn, nice, and responsible.


Article by: Sedra Murshed & Joey Hu

Music Week

By: Sa’Niyh Laurencin

This week I interviewed Kennedy Williams about music. Her favorite music genre is rap and her least favorite genre is country. When she gets older, she wants to be a rapper (not a singer). Kennedy says she doesn’t sing in the shower, but she listens to music often. Her favorite rappers are Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. Her least favorite rapper is Cardi B. Her favorite song is “No Obedience”. She plays the trumpet and wants to get famous but doubts herself.  She stated that she is an amazing trumpet player and can read music perfectly. Lynx, that’s all for now on BLMS news.

All About Gretchen

By: Joey Hu


This week’s student spotlight is 8th grader Gretchen Seaman. Gretchen is a 14-year-old girl who plans to be a party/wedding planner when she gets older. She has two sisters and one brother. Her favorite after school activities are baking, bee keeping, and hanging out with her family. Some things she dislikes are creepy people, murderers, predators, and stalkers. Her life outside of school consists of her learning to speak Greek. Once Upon a Time and Brothers and Sisters are her favorite tv shows, and Starstruck is her favorite movie. Her favorite things about school are the opportunities the school has and the long-lasting friendships. She prefers middle school over elementary school because middle school has more experiences, you can try more things, it’s a step up from elementary school, and mainly because she disliked fifth grade. She likes school in general, but there are still some negative things about the environment that she dislikes. Georgia and Branson, MO are her favorite places to go. Gretchen loves thrift shopping and shopping at Walmart, dresses are her favorite thing to wear. She has 12 beehives, three dogs, two cats, fish, a horse, a pig, and loves being outside. Her strengths are bee keeping, singing, and caring/helping others. Gretchen describes herself as talented, sweet, caring, and paranoid. Others describe her as pretty, nice, and very friendly. The things Gretchen misses most about her childhood are the tv shows (she said most tv shows these days are inappropriate) and when she lived closer to her family.

Mr. Fullen Interview

By: Ainsley Cutler


This week for the Bon Lin Middle Staff spotlight we interviewed Mr. Fullen, a social studies teacher in eighth grade! Mr. Fullen wanted to teach because of a teacher he met named Texas Colber! His favorite thing to teach in Social Studies is the late 1800’s U.S history. The teacher that Mr. Fullen works best with is Mrs. Holley because they have been working together for around 12 years. Mr. Fullen does not have a favorite book series because he said he only likes non-fiction and there are not many non-fiction series, so he doesn’t have a favorite series. Mr. Fullen has a fear of heights, but he can tolerate them if needed. If Mr. Fullen could teach another grade and subject, he said he would teach High School U.S History! Mr. Fullen has met the celebrity Justin Timberlake at a golf course that his parents owned in Millington! Mr. Fullen’s favorite food is Cajun food and anything with spice! Mr. Fullen said if he was not a teacher he would work with heating and air or a carpenter. If he was famous, it would have something to do with nature because he enjoys being outside! That is all for this week’s staff spotlight! Hope you enjoyed Mr. Fullens interview, come back next week for an interview with Mr. Brown!

Mrs. Duffy

By: Ainsley Cutler


This week for Staff Spotlight we are interviewing a well-known 6th grade teacher Mrs. Duffy! To start off the interview, we asked Mrs. Duffy what she enjoys watching on the tv. She said she enjoys watching, The Great British Bakeoff, Brooklyn 99, and the Big Bang Theory! The most frustrating thing about Mrs. Duffy’s job is when she does not have enough time to do everything that she needs to do. Mrs. Duffy’s thoughts on our school lunch is that it’s decent compared to other schools around the area. Mrs. Duffy’s opinion on dress code is that students should wear clothes that are weather appropriate. If Mrs. Duffy, had the whole school to herself she would sing opera in the hallways! She said that the acoustics would be amazing! Mrs. Duffy prefers middle school more than elementary school! If Mrs. Duffy had to teach another subject, she would teach social studies or music! The worst smelling place Mrs. Duffy has ever been to, was a barn with 40 horses that had been stuck inside for over 24 hours due to a snowstorm! The most boring sport to Mrs. Duffy is baseball, she likes watching baseball in person, but not on the tv. To Mrs. Duffy, the word “yeet” is the most useless word in the dictionary because she does not think of it as a real word. A secret talent of Mrs. Duffy’s is when she silences students with just a glare! One rule that Mrs. Duffy would make everyone follow is to always be kind to each other. That’s it for this week’s staff spotlight! 

Middle School and Plans for The Future


 By: Joey Hu



This week’s 8th grade Student Spotlight is Holly Guzman! Holly’s favorite part of middle school is the school dances. Her favorite subject is math because she thinks it’s the easiest out of all the subjects. Her favorite class period is 4th period Spanish. She’s taking Spanish to learn it for her family. She’s in advanced treble choir because she enjoys singing. When she moves on from middle school, she will miss the times she has to wake up the most. She DOESN’T like waking up early at all. Holly describes the school as very big; she feels safe at school and is treated kindly. Something she has struggled with a lot in school is her grades. Holly thinks the difficulty in homework depends on the subject. COVID-19 has affected her time in middle school due to school events being cancelled. She didn’t get to experience the school events to their full potential. In the future, Holly wants to be either a professional volleyball player, a photographer, or a makeup artist. Holly aspires to be these things because she said it’s fun to do and she really enjoys doing it. To prepare for these tasks, she would go to school to become a photographer and/or makeup artist, and she would go to multiple volleyball practices to ensure she’s ready. Her tips for any people trying to reach a goal is to work extra hard.

Social Media Opinion

Today I interviewed Carmyn Robertson about her opinion on social media. To Carmyn, social media is a platform where you post things and where you can interact with people. Carmyn thinks that TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter are the top three social medias in the world. Do you agree with Carmyn that social media is a great platform for kids? Carmyn believes that you shouldn’t post about your everyday life to social media, but to just post the little things and to be aware of cyberbullying. Carmyn said kids are judged by social media based on their image and how many followers they have. Carmyn says the positives about social media is that you can grow friendships with people without being close. The negatives are that you can get cyberbullied. That’s all for social media with Carmyn!

- Sa’Niyh Laurencin

Life & Career

By: Joey Hu & Katie Guzman     



This week’s Student Spotlight at Bon Lin Middle School is eighth grader Shane Ragonton. Shane’s career goals consist of being a violinist. She was inspired by classical music and wants to earn money from people listening to her play. To Shane, being a violinist means playing on a concert stage for an audience. Her tips for future violinist are to practice, make your parents proud, and to not be lazy. If they didn’t want to be a violinist, they would want to be an engineer. Shane likes to sleep, read, write, watch random k-dramas. They were born in Singapore and one of their talents is knowing most state capitals. Pasta and root beer is their favorite food and drink. If Shane was stranded on an island, three things they would bring are their phone, food, and a mattress. School friends are what she likes about school, and she dislikes the school environment. Math is their favorite subject, with social studies being their least. “I look so good” is one of her catchphrases and she is a cat person. Tall, cool, smart, funny, “swaggy”, and self-lover is how Shane describes herself. Their life is “boring”, weird, fun, cool, exhausting, and she likes playing badminton.


Joey Hu & Katie Guzman     

  Ms. Houston

By: Makayla Gray & Ainsley Cutler


This week for staff spotlight we interviewed a well-known 8th grade teacher Ms. Houston. In total we asked 12 questions, the first question we asked was could you tell us about yourself. Ms. Houston is from Santiago, California, and she has been teaching for 12 years. She has a dog who is an American akita breed and she also loves to travel and go on very long adventures. In five years, she said that she would like to teach high school. She is very sensitive and takes things to heart. She loves empanadas and her most liked animal is a dog. Ms. Houston was not planning on being a teacher but instead planned on being a phycologist. If she wasn’t a teacher, she said she would be a nurse or a therapist. They like coffee but not that much. She also said she likes tea. Her favorite drink is water. That was all for this week’s staff spotlight, see you next week!

Mrs. Baum

By: Ainsley & Makayla

This week for Staff Spotlight we are interviewing a well-known seventh grade teacher Mrs. Baum! To start off the interview, we asked Mrs. Baum how she gets ready in the morning. She usually lays everything out the night before. For example, her shoes, lunch, clothes, and her bag! She said when she wakes up in the morning, she makes herself look beautiful for the day! She then has some quiet time to herself, and she usually makes some coffee. She takes time to prepare for the day, and then she’s on her way to school! She arrives around 6:15 because she likes to have time to set up her classroom for the day. She loves her classes, but also must overcome the challenge that her students did not get the full experience of school. Some students are behind and did not get to learn to their full advantage. So, she said she thinks about how she can help the students that were virtual recover from the learning loss. She believes that it is good to have a good relationship with her students. To come up with lessons for the school year, Mrs. Baum said that during the summer herself and two other teachers go to a social studies professional group and an English professional group. They look through the curriculum that the district gives them, and they spend three or four days laying out the school year! Then, they meet on Tuesdays by themselves to make sure they are following the standards. They also meet on Thursdays and go over what they need to reteach to help students (ones that need extra help). Mrs. Baum said the teachers help each other when they need help with something. She said that they all love their jobs, and they all get along with each other well. She doesn’t have any catch phrases, but she has her students call her fun or funny names every now and then! She whistles loud sometimes, she has a trademark which is being the crazy person, and the one that knows everything that goes on in the 7th grade hallway! Mrs. Baum said she really enjoys teaching and the children she teaches. She states that she likes to know about the children’s lives outside of school. She enjoys going to their games and supporting them. She wants the students to know that she is not only their teacher, but she is their friend and wants to get to know them outside of school! Mrs. Baum said that five words to describe herself are effervescent, patient, kind, friendly, and a team player. If Mrs. Baum was stranded on an island, three things she would bring with her is her coffee pot with a large supply of peppermint mocha cream, she said she would need her cell phone to have contact with others, and bacon because she loves it! If Mrs. Baum was not a teacher, she said she would be trying to get into entertainment careers (like stand-up comedy or a talk show)! Mrs. Baum said the most frustrating thing about her job is when people don’t care as much as she does. Mrs. Baum disagrees with one rule at Bon Lin Middle and that rule is a scheduled recess for the students. She thinks that middle schoolers should have a scheduled recess during school hours. She thinks that not only students need to be outside, but teachers do to! The book that had the biggest impact on Mrs. Baum was the book called “The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian”. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday! She says that she gets to see more of her family, and they are gathered around watching games and parades. She describes her experience with her family as three or four days of family time, relaxing, not having to dress up, not having to have a schedule, and lots of food that she likes! If Mrs. Baum had the whole school to herself, she said she would paint all of the rooms (the teacher’s choice of color) because she does not like the white walls. She would have the art club come and paint some murals in the hallway. The murals make the school more welcoming. She would also like to have positive boards in the school to make people feel happy and want to come to school. She would have students with similar schedules welcome the new students and show them around the school. This is so the new student can start off the year with a friend! She also said that they would go to school four days a week instead of five. She would make school ten-hours a day. Instead of being off in summer they would go to school for nine weeks then get three weeks off! Mrs. Baum’s favorite animal is a dog that is small, and you can pick up like a lap dog! That is it for this weeks Staff Spotlight!

All about Kristiana


Joey Hu




This week’s 8th grade student spotlight is Kristiana Hicks. Kristiana’s favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is her favorite holiday because it’s close to her birthday and she receives presents. Kristiana loves purple. The mall and the Nike store are her favorite places to shop, and her favorite clothing item to wear is sweatshirts. Kristiana’s favorite thing to eat is french fries. Her least favorite thing about school is learning, she doesn’t like school. The thing she misses most from when she was little is the interactions she had with other kids. Her favorite thing to do growing up was playing sports. Soccer and basketball are the sports that Kristiana plays and the thing that she is best at. Kristiana has been playing soccer since she was three years old, and she has been playing basketball since she was five years old. Kristiana enjoys playing basketball and soccer because they’re fun and because people in her family have played these sports. In the future, she wants to be a pro sports player. Kristiana’s mom is her inspiration because she’s nice and outgoing. Relaxing and watching Netflix are Kristiana’s favorite things to do after school, and in her free time she hangs out in her room. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Cotton Candy. The beach is Kristiana’s favorite vacation spot, and her dream vacation spot is Paris, France.

Future Career & Role-models

By: Joey Hu


The Student Spotlight 8th grade Newspaper Raffle Winner is Taylor Moore! In the future, Taylor aspires to be a veterinarian and wants to travel the world. She loves animals, especially working with and helping them. She has an urge to go out into the world and just see everything. She wants to explore the world and see everything it has to offer. In a couple of years, she will be able to volunteer at animal shelters and help out. She wants to see if there’s any jobs you can get to help you prepare for being a veterinarian. If she becomes a veterinarian, her overall goal is to make sure all animals are happy, healthy, and safe. She wants to make sure all animals have a good home or a good environment. Taylor’s role-model is Princess Diana. She’s done charity work in Africa, where she assisted the sick kids and the people who were in poor condition. She helped those in poverty and who needed a home. She also raised awareness to mental health. Princess Diana is Taylor’s role-model because she’s done multiple things for charity and has helped out in numerous ways.

Thoughts About School



This week’s 7th grade student spotlight is Judy Vo! Judy is a 7th grader at Bon Lin Middle. To start off the interview, I asked her what likes and dislikes about school. She said that she likes school because she gets to see her friends and teachers, but she dislikes the work that’s assigned. Whenever she gets too much work and feels stressed, she said that she would talk to someone about it.  She would take a break from it and resume it later. In fact, her most challenging part about school is keeping up with her assignments. Her key to staying organized is writing down her assignments and taking notes on her computer. I asked her how long it takes her to finish homework, and she estimated that it takes about two hours. Judy also was virtual last year. She said that she prefers in-person school rather than virtual because “virtual was boring and unmotivating” and now she gets to see her friends. Judy said that on the first day of school the teachers were nice, friendly, went easy, and that made her feel welcomed. She is in Yearbook, and she believes that she benefits the school by getting more information on the students and school. She’s a hard worker! Her favorite subject is math, which is fourth period. Lastly, she thinks that the school should add Study Hall, and more languages to learn.

- Sedra Murshed

Hello Bon Lin Lynx! This week our 6th grade student spotlight is Hailey Dyer. Hailey has been a straight A student since 1st grade. She enjoys school because last year she was at home all the time and her teachers yelled a lot. The reason she enjoys school now is because she has many friends in her classes and this year it is much more fun. I asked her what her favorite subject and who her favorite teacher was over all the years she’s been in school. She responded with science being her favorite subject and Ms. Smith (science teacher) being her favorite teacher. She likes science and Ms. Smith because Ms. Smith is very laid back. Hailey likes the way Ms. Smith teaches. On an opposite note, Hailey dislikes both ELA and Math. She doesn’t like ELA since she doesn’t like writing and she doesn’t like math.  She is on the volleyball team for this school. She hasn’t played volleyball before. She likes volleyball since it’s fun for her and she isn’t stuck at home. Hailey’s coach wants her to be a setter. She has participated in school fundraisers, but sadly hasn’t ever won anything, thank you for reading about Hailey Dyer!

- Emma Schier

Hello BLMS Lynx! Get to know Abby Williams! The first thing that I wanted to know more about was Abby’s family. Abby has 2 sisters. One named Evelyn, and the other is Olivia. Evelyn is 9 and Olivia is 17. Abby is the middle child. Abby said her mom is the most trustworthy person in her family. She also has 4 pets. 1 dog named Bailey, a cat named Lulu, and 2 turtles called Squirt and Bob.  Next, I asked her about her favorite foods. Abby’s favorite fast-food place to eat at is Milano’s pizza. The food she likes the most that isn’t fast-food would-be mac and cheese, and her favorite drink is root beer. Lastly, I wanted to know more about the things she likes to do outside of school. Abby likes to play video games, call her friends, and watch Tiktok since that’s the social media platform she likes the most. She doesn’t play any sports, but she used to play softball and soccer. She will be auditioning for drama though! The book that she enjoyed reading the most was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. That’s all LYNX! Maybe you’ll be interviewed next!

Thoughts About School


By: Sedra Murshed




This week’s 7th grade Student Spotlight is Anya Moyer! To start off, it’s obvious that Anya is quite the social butterfly! She likes to talk and hang-out with her friends. She also likes to do group work, knowing that she’s very social. In her opinion, she finds history and ELA the most engaging and interesting classes because they can be debated and thought out in different ways. She finds it much different in Math and Science. She also was virtual the first quarter last year, but she prefers in-person school much more. Anya thinks that the school should ask the students more on what kind of improvements they’d like to see. Her examples were to maybe add more languages to learn, or maybe more school clubs. She’s still satisfied with the current options though. She also strongly dislikes “the loop” that’s taken during class change. In her opinion, it’d be much easier to just cross paths if you’re near your class, instead of having to walk the whole hallway. She was looking forward to having a locker and customizing it in middle school, but she unfortunately missed out on the experience. Whenever she’s assigned an overwhelming amount of homework, her tip is to stay organized by using folders and taking notes. Knowing the due date can eliminate some work that you could just do later, so then you’re not stuck to do it all in one night. That would be very stressful! She likes to watch Netflix and play with her little sister in her free time. Her favorite color is pastel yellow. She wants to be a physical therapist when she grows up!

Jaliyah Doss; Thoughts About School


By: Sedra Murshed



This week’s 7th grade Student Spotlight is Jaliyah Doss! Jaliyah liked how nice and welcoming her teachers were on the first day of school! She likes to be with her friends and hang out with them. In class she prefers to do group work rather than individual work. She thinks it’d be cool if the school could add more clubs and more languages to learn! She also wishes school would end earlier. The thing she dislikes the most at school is “the loop” and how people are bullying others.  Jaliyah was virtual before, and she much rather prefers in-person school. She was upset how she wasn’t with her friends, it was difficult, and felt like she wasn’t giving her best at home learning. She’s glad to be in-person and with her friends! Jaliyah is also on the school’s cheer team. In her free time she likes to watch movies and play basketball!


By: Emma Schrier



Hello Bon Lin Lynx! In this week’s article, I interviewed our 6th grade raffle winner, Amora Colbert. I wanted to learn about Amora’s views on technology.  Amora thinks that technology has changed a lot since the way it used to be.  She said that social media wasn’t really the same. For example, Tiktok and Instagram weren’t a thing. Something else Amora mentioned was how she thinks that technology will evolve in the future. Amora said that she thinks medical equipment will improve drastically and that phones, WIFI, and computers will also become higher quality. Another she thing she said was that robots might be created to help with everyday things, but that might make people lazy. On that note, Amora also talked about the disadvantages and advantages of technology.  She said that the advantages would be that school can be easier for students to submit work from home and when they are sick. Disadvantages can be that people get addicted to social media and obsess over what they post and never look away from their device.  She also mentioned that people can rely on technology for too many things. The pieces of technology that could exist in the future that scares Amora is artificial intelligence. She knows it might not happen but the thought of it scares her. Thank you for reading Lynx!

All About Ava


Joey Hu




This week’s 8th grade student spotlight is Ava Boyd. Christmas is Ava’s favorite holiday because it’s fun, you receive gifts, and she loves the advertisements they put on T.V. about Christmas. Her favorite color is dark green. She likes to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants; she likes when her sweatpants and sweatshirts are a matching set. Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are her favorite cereals. Funny, smart, and nice is how Ava describes herself. Ava’s favorite thing about school is dismissal, but she also dislikes dismissal because she has to leave her friends. The thing Ava misses most about when she was little is her old house. After school, she likes to play tag with her chickens. Ava and her brother take turns each morning to feed the chickens (one day she’ll feed them and the next day he’ll feed them). The thing she’s best at is taking care of chickens. She loves Samuel L. Jackson, and she enjoys Quentin Tarantino movies. In her free time, she likes to hang out in her room. Cotton Candy ice cream from Baskin Robins is her favorite ice cream flavor. When she was growing up, she enjoyed playing with her dogs and training them. She likes making her dogs do tricks. Ava loves to travel, and her favorite vacation spot is Peru. She likes Peru because it has mountains, and she thinks it’s pretty. Ava’s dream vacation spot is Paris, France. Her parents went to Paris, and they told her one day they would take her. She said Paris is nice, cool, and it has the Eiffel Tower. In the future, Ava aspires to be either a film director or a research scientist.

Into The Future with Lydia Evans


This week I interviewed Lydia Evans about her future. In ten years, Lydia sees herself living on a farm. She doesn’t plan ever owning a big house. Lydia wants to go to college so she can get a degree in psychology, but she only wants to know about it, since she doesn’t plan on working as a phycologist. She wants to be a comedian when she grows up. Lydia does not plan on owning her own business but to be in comedy shows when she is invited. Her goals are just to survive and live life. Lydia wants her first job to be Sonic or to work at the pet store. She wants to go to the Sun in the future because she thinks that in the course of time, someone will be able to come up with a suit that makes it possible for you not to die when you go. Lydia plays the saxophone and thinks she will be a professional when she gets older and be written in books. She might teach band, but she still hasn’t decided if she wants to or not. That’s all Lynx for LYNX News!