A world with creatures that don’t exist here, children who never knew their father. The Wingfeather Saga on The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, tells you about these siblings (Janner the oldest brother, Tink the middle child, and Leeli the youngest sister) who live on the edge of the Dark Sea. They led simple farmer lives and were quite happy just living with their mother and grandfather, until the Dragon Day festival. Leeli’s dog Nugget bites a fang, a creature like a snake except for it can talk and think (still doesn’t make it the smartest of creatures). They chase the children to the edge of the Dark Sea and the fangs lose them for a while and while the children are looking for their mom, Leeli sings a song that enchants the dragons, magical creatures that can only swim and are beautiful and huge. The song stirs up some questions in Janner’s mind (the main character). The fangs find them and their guardians and take them to a prison cell, but in a daring escape they battle the fangs and end up in a tree castle. They discover who their father is and who they are. The Wingfeather Saga On the edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness was overall a great book. It had a lot of action and some casualties. It was funny also and kept you on the edge of your seat. The Wingfeather Saga like the other books in the series left on a cliff hanger. I highly recommend this book and the other books in the series. Well that’s all for today!

Do you know what it would be like to have goblins chasing you? Well, in the movie The Spiderwick Chronicles, a boy named Jared Grace and his twin brother Simon finds a book which leads them to a whole new world of fantasy. While searching for the real answer behind all the strange things that have been happening, they uncover the truth; a daring truth that waits to be unhidden.


I thought the movie was okay. The acting is good and I liked the plot. I thought that it was a little spooky when I was younger, but I really like it now. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a great movie, and you should go watch it! Thanks for reading and Go Lynx!

- Lydia Evans

 Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil            

  -Raegan Arredondo


Maleficent is back, but this time she has tried to reform from her ways. Aurora gets engaged to prince Philip and to celebrate the engagement Aurora and Maleficent go to Philips’s castle. But dinner doesn’t go as planned. Philip’s mom tries to kill Maleficent and she falls to the ocean, but someone saves her. Maleficent wakes up to find herself in a place that has people just like her! Back at the castle prince Philip and Aurora try to wake Philips’s dad who fell in an enchanted sleep, a sleep they were sure Maleficent put him in. The people Maleficent found must go to war to protect themselves against Philips’s kingdom, who will win? I didn’t really like the movie. The first movie was great, you got some background information on why she hated the king and queen so much, but he second movie the plot was just not good, and it also didn’t really explain that much. This is just my opinion you can watch the movie and make your opinion. Well, that’s all for today! 

“Home Sweet Home Alone”—Fun Sequel or Just a Copy?                                                                                                                                  

On October 12, 2021, the trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone came out on YouTube and it got 79,000 dislikes in only three days it came out and only 21,000 likes. The original Home Alone made around $476 million dollars, and Home Sweet Home Alone did not get as many fans.


In the new film the parents Jeff and Pam McKenzie are trying to sell their house but have not told their children that they are trying to do so. Then Jeff’s annoying and more successful brother Hunter, his wife Mei, and their son Ollie decided they wanted to stay with them for Christmas. Then the Mercer family (who have the kid that will later play all the pranks on the robbers) comes to see the house. Their son Max meets Jeff.  Jeff then shows him some old dolls including a deformed doll that has an upside-down face. Max’s family is going to Tokyo, and Max annoyed with all the bustle goes to hide out in the garage and waiting so long he falls asleep. Meanwhile Jeff and Pam are about to leave, and Jeff goes downstairs to get the doll and discovers the doll is missing! They think the Mercers took the doll, since they are in such a hurry to leave. Max wakes up and sees that he is home alone and parties. After a while, he starts to feel alone. Then he hears the McKenzies trying to break in to look for the doll and comes up with a battle plan. If you have seen any previous Home Alone movies, you can imagine what happens next.


I think that this movie was not as good as the first. The violence was a lot more realistic than the original one, and there was a lot more violence.  Max did some of the things that Kevin in the did, which is fine, but it felt like the same thing instead of being original and creative. It made the robbers the good guys, people just trying to pay off their house, so you felt bad when they got hurt.  Overall, it was okay. Well, that all for today!


– Raegan Arredondo