Bartlett Middle School Football

We have a game against Germantown on September 30th, 2021, we will give you an update on what the score is for the game. You need a sport physical and return it to the coach if you are new and just starting. The football team has 3 schools combined they are Bon Lin, Appling, and Elmore. In order to be a wide receiver, linebacker, or a quarterback you need to have a weight UNDER 140. In order to in in linemen you need to have a weight OVER 140. You need pads in order to play football these are the equipments you need: helmets, shoulder pads, and knee pads for safety reasons. GAMES ARE ALLWAYS ON THURDAYS!


If you have any problems with signing up contact the coaches for more information about joining the football team.

- Matthew Sapp

Bartlett Softball and Cross Country


            Bartlett Softball tryouts are super soon!! On October 16, 2021, will be the Bartlett Middle School Softball tryouts. In order to try out for the team you most have an updated sports physical that says you are healthy, and your doctors have said it is ok to try out for the Softball team. If you do not bring the physical form, you will not be allowed to tryout to be on the team. There will be so many girls there, there will be around 100 plus girls this year and only 23- 27 girls will be chosen. The tryouts will be held out the Freemen baseball/softball fields you must be there before 12pm so you should get there at least 30 minutes earlier it will end around 4 o’clock it may end earlier if the coaches have already made their decisions, or it will go later.

             The Bartlett Cross Country team is going to regionals in 2 WEEKS!! After the regionals if girls Bartlett cross country team into 1-10th place we will be traveling to Knoxville for STATES. At States there will be Bartlett and 6 other middle schools from all over the           United States so hopefully Bartlett will win!! Which if Bartlett wins States that means the team is the best Cross Country Middle School team out of the United States. If Bartlett wins which the three school: Bon Lin, Elmore, and Appling Middle schools will get honored. Bartlett will also get pictures and we will get a huge trofie.


 - Hailey Reed



VolleyBall 8th Grade Night



Volleyball 8th Grade Night

The volleyball season is coming to an end, and some of the players will not be able to play with Bon Lin Middle next year. All the 8th graders will be going to the ninth-grade academy where they play with the high school. To show them that they will be missed, Bon Lin Middle is holding an 8th grade night for all the volleyball players. Some of the eighth-grade volleyball players have played volleyball for Bon Lin Middle since 6th grade.

The 8th grade night is going to held before a regular game against Appling Middle. This will be the last school game for the 8th graders, besides the tournament at the end of the week. The 8th graders will be missed from the volleyball team, but they will do great in high school volleyball.

- Katie Guzman

Basketball Game

On Monday, November 8th, the Bon Lin Middle basketball team played against Riverdale’s basketball team. Although they tried their best, they couldn’t pull out a win. Even though it was a basketball game, basketball wasn’t the only thing happening.

The band team was performing during the game. These performers were band members from only seventh and eighth grade. Some of the songs were “Mortal Kombat,” “Jump on It,” “Imperial,” “Sweet Caroline Swing,” “ESPN,” etc. The Pom team also performed at halftime, and they did great! The cheer team performed too, and they did amazing too!

If you missed this home game, no need to worry! The next one will be on November 16th at 4:30. Both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams will be playing this time. Students won’t be able to stay after school, but they can come back to school at 4:30. This game will be against Brighton, so let’s hope Bon Lin can win this time!

Bartlett Panther Softball




The Bartlett Middle school softball team season has officially started. Right now, we are only allowed to condition which in simple form that’s basically extremely hard workouts. The reason we must do this is because of the TSSAA rules: we are not allowed to pick a softball up, so we must work out to keep us in shape. We have practices on Tuesday and Thursdays for 2 ½ hours. There is a total of 14 girls on the team the coaches had to make some changes this year so we will not be having a varsity and junior varsity it will be only one team. The coaches have asked all the girls to do some workouts on the days we don’t have practice: run at least 1 mile, 25 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks, 3 min wall sit, 30 second 6in leg hold, and most importantly stretch. For the push-ups and sit-ups, they’ve asked us to do more and more every day.  

Women’s Soccer vs. Men’s Soccer Salaries



Women’s Salary

Did you know that the average professional women’s soccer player in the U.S makes a maximum salary of only $52,500 per year? In the world, the highest-paid women soccer player is Carli Lloyd. The soon-to-be retired U.S soccer player makes 518,000 annually. Even though she makes the most annually, she doesn’t have the highest net worth.  The Brazilian soccer player, Marta Vieira da Silva has the highest net worth for a female pro soccer player, standing at a whopping $13 million dollars.

Men’s Salary

The men’s salaries are much different from the women’s salaries. The men’s salaries range from $25,000 to $300,000 depending on the player in the U.S, but the average professional men’s soccer player makes $60,000 per year. The highest paid men’s pro soccer player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo, earning an extraordinary $125 million annually. This beats the highest paid woman pro soccer player by millions. The well-known player is also maintains highest net worth at $450 million.

The Lawsuit

Now, you may be wondering why no one has spoken up about this. Well, the USWNT (United States Women’s National Team) went to court with the case. In March of 2019, the USWNT stated that they were not getting paid as high as the Men’s National Team. The judge said that both teams were paid the same, but most of the money is made from performance money. So, while the women are number one in the world, the men aren’t doing as well. They should be getting paid at least the same amount as the men’s team because they are ranked higher. In later days, the U.S Soccer Federation said, “U.S. Soccer is 100% committed to equal pay for our national team players. That’s our goal, that’s our focus, and that’s how we are going to bring the game forward in the United States. We have offered the women’s team the exact same bonus amounts as the men’s team for games U.S. Soccer controls and remain committed to providing equal compensation. We support not only the USWNT, but women around the world in their continued fight for equal pay and equal treatment in the workplace.”


As a female soccer player myself, I think it’s very inspirational how a problem was resolved because the US Women’s Team went to court with it. It goes to show that if you want something changed, you should take action, work hard for it, and not give up until it happens.



Bon Lin Volleyball

The Bon Lin Middle school teams are getting better and better every game. Bon Lin Middle volleyball has 2 teams; the first team is the varsity team. The varsity team is made up of mostly 8th graders, they have 3 captains, all of them being amazing players. The three captains are Holly Guzman, Olivia Stewart, and Milan Harvey. All these captains keep their team up and motivate them. This team has 14 players, all of which dedicate themselves to volleyball. Both teams practice every day of the week besides game days and Sunday. All of the practices last an hour and thirty minutes, except for Wednesday. On Wednesday, both teams will practice together;some girls even practice 3 hours every practice except Wednesday. The girls that practice for 3 hours are the girls that play on both teams: jv and varsity. The second team is the junior varsity team. The junior varsity team has players from all grades (6th-8th). This team also has 3 captains, the captains of this team are Kailee Almeria, Findley Parry and Lilly Laughlin. These captains are extremely talented players. These three captains are swing players, swing player is a player that plays on both teams. The junior varsity team has 14 players. These players have the same schedule as the varsity team.

Finally, the coach she plays indoor volleyball and sand volleyball. She is a very respectful and enjoyable coach who dedicates her time to coach volleyball. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Bon Lin Middle School volleyball teams.

- Katie Guzman


Did you know that 63.5 million people participate in swimming? I’m not talking about swimming in a backyard pool, I mean competitive swimming. There are even some swimming teams in the area. A couple of these teams practice at the Bartlett Recreational Center, and some of the events take place there too. The practices for all the teams take place all throughout the week, and the times for each team practice are different too. The higher up a team you are, the longer the practice. Anyone can try out for a swim team at Bartlett Recreational Center, no matter the age. Really young swimmers usually get put on the beginner team and stay there for a long time. To get a try out set up, you must e-mail the Bartlett Xtreme Swim Team to schedule a try out. I hope you enjoyed learning about the local swim teams of Bartlett.  





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All You Need to Know About ODP


What is ODP

Did you know that almost 100,000 players participate in ODP? Now, you may be wondering what ODP is. Well, ODP stands for the Olympic Development Program. This is a program where high-level soccer players in their state have the opportunity to play against other high-level players in other states.

How It Started

ODP has been around for 55 years because it was founded in 1977. The owners of the organization had a goal to “To be a nationally recognized youth identification and development pathway for US soccer players.” states The website also stated that their purpose was, “To identify and provide opportunities for high potential players, facilitate their development, and expose them to the next level of their chosen pathway.”

How You Can Join

If you would like to join ODP, you must go to your region’s tryout. There are 4 different regions that the states are separated into. The East region, the West region, South region, and the Midwest region.

That’s all for today, Lynx! I hope you enjoyed learning about ODP.





Ron’s gone wrong



Barney is a boy that is lonely. He has no friends because everyone has a B-bot, but he doesn’t. A B-bot is a device that if you put your hand on the device it learns everything about you and becomes your best friend. He dreams of having one. His dad and grandmother try to buy him one, but the store is already closed. They spy a B-bot that had fallen off the truck and pay off the man who was driving to give them the B-bot.                                                                                        Barney wakes up to find that he has a real B-bot tries to turn it on and put his hand on the spot where you are supposed to, but the B-bot doesn’t work like it is supposed to. It does not know any thing about barney and it seemingly out of control. He leaves it in his room and says to try to learn about but when he comes home Ron (the robot that he named earlier) has wrecked his room. He tries to take Ron back to the store but runs into some bullies and the bullies try to pick a fight. But Ron fights them and then they run away, and Barney is starting to like Ron. He trains Ron to be his friend and then finally takes him to school. Then the other robots copy Ron’s code, and all the robots go out of control. The company finds out about the robots going out of control and they try to chase down Ron to crush him. In the end Barney and Ron run away to the woods so they can be together. But Barney’s asthma stops them, can they get out alive.                                                                                          I thought the movies animation could have been better, considering this is Disney that made it. The movie was sweet and funny, like there was a lot of funny parts. Anyways it was a good movie and had a bitter-sweet ending. That’s all I’ve got for today, Bye!