Mrs. Reads Interview


Ainsley Cutler & Michael Gray



This week for staff spotlights we interviewed Mrs. Read a seventh-grade language arts teacher! For the first question, we asked Mrs. Read what her favorite thing to teach was and she said, The Giver. Mrs. Reads favorite holiday is Christmas. Mrs. read wanted to become a teacher because she had a lot of awesome middle school teachers! We then asked Mrs. read what her favorite year of teaching was, and she said that she did not have a favorite. Mrs. Read wanted to teach Language Arts because she likes to read. Mrs. Reads is Winter break! Mrs. Read has taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Mrs. Reads worst year of teaching was her first year! Mrs. Reads favorite vacation spot is anywhere tropical! We asked Mrs. Read what her biggest fear was, and she said she was still a little afraid of the dark. Mrs. Read said that if she had to teach a different subject it would be Math or Social Studies! In the seventh grade Mrs. Read said that there was about an equal amount of exceptional and standard students in seventh grade! That is all for this week’s staff spotlight! Come back next week to see an interview with Coach Craig!

                 All About Mr. Brown                     

For this week's newspaper we have decided to interview a very famous teacher Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was born on April Fool’s Day, which means he’s an Aries. Mr. Brown’s favorite drink is coffee and Diet Coke, and his favorite snack is gummies. Two foods that Mr. Brown chose over other foods were pie and pineapples! His favorite book is The Martian. He also likes the season summer. The reason why Mr. Brown is so loud is because apparently his father was loud. Mr. Brown’s favorite color is blue. That is all for this week’s staff spotlight! Come back next week to see who we interview next!

All about Profe. Moore



Ainsley K. Cutler

Hello Lynx! This week we interviewed the school Spanish teacher Profe. Moore! Did you know Profe. Moore has been teaching since 2016? For those who take Spanish, if you were wondering what Profe. Moore’s favorite Spanish Señor Wooly song is Billy la Bufanda. Did you know that Señor wooly is a website that has a bunch of Spanish songs! Profe. Moore likes Señor Wooly because it is fun, and the kids enjoy it! Profe. Moore wanted to become a teacher because she enjoyed spending time with kids and got the opportunity to become a teacher! Profe. Moore wanted to teach Spanish when she became a teacher because she thinks that Spanish is an important second language and is rapidly growing through the United States! Profe. Moore does not really go planned according to the schedule and goes by what the kids need to learn that day. Profe. Moore used to be a commercial monolist and she owned a lot of convenient stores in Mexico! That’s it for this week’s article! Come back next week for an article with Mrs. Holley!

Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Fullen’s Interview


Ainsley Cutler & Michael Gray



Hello Bon Lin Lynx! This week we have an interview with Mrs. Fullen. To start off the interview we asked Mrs. Fullen if she liked to do math or social studies. She said in math she has a better idea of what she is doing, but she still enjoys teaching social studies. Did you know that Mrs. Fullen likes Thanksgiving because of all the good food? Although she likes Thanksgiving, she enjoys getting ready for Christmas more. Mrs. Fullen decided to teach because she enjoys the interaction, and she likes to make social studies less boring! A little bit about Mrs. Fullen’s family is that her husband teaches social studies in the eighth grade and is very quiet at home but loud at school. Did you know that Mrs. Fullen has a two-year-old daughter named Ellie? She is very hyper, and they have a crazy chihuahua named Lucy! If you have ever been in Mrs. Fullens classroom you probably would know her favorite football team is LSU collage, but we still asked for those who didn’t know! Mrs. Fullens birthday is April 16 making her zodiac sign an Aries! Mrs. Fullen taught Elementary school for about two years and taught middle school for 13-14 years! Come back next week for an interview with 7th grade teacher Mrs. Read!

Lunch interview with Ms. Young


Ainsley Cutler and Michael Gray


Hello this is Ainsley Cutler and Michael Gray with this week's interview! This week we interviewed Ms. Young the cafeteria manager at Bon Lin Middle! To start off the interview we asked Ms. Young what was her favorite lunch to prepare? Ms. Young responded with spaghetti because she likes making it from scratch! Ms. Youngs favorite part about her job is the interaction with all the students that she meets and getting to serve them their food, however she stated that she enjoys the cooking, but she likes interacting with the student more! She likes the interaction because she does not want the students to see her as the “Mean Lunch lady” and she takes pride in the interaction she gets with her students. In order to stay on track, Ms. Young arrives at school at 5:00 am, to get things ready for breakfast, and does not leave until 3:00 or 4:00! Then, we asked Ms. Young how she manages the preparation? Ms. Young says that she has skilled staff, and she likes to prepare the meals a few days in advance to stay on track and make sure everything is ready for breakfast or lunch! Ms. Youngs modo is “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” For the next question we asked Ms. Young why they use Styrofoam trays instead of plastic ones? Ms. Young responded with, that Styrofoam trays are easier to access, they have no time to recycle them, and there will not be enough time to wash them all and she cannot order as many plastic ones at a time rather than Styrofoam ones. The most extra item bought from the cafeteria are the fries, and when they have pizza, students like to get an extra slice! Ms. Young likes to start making lunch at 9:30 A.M. Then, we asked Ms. Young if she likes preparing lunch or breakfast more? Ms. Young said she enjoys cooking lunch more because she can add more spices and spend more time preparing the food. She prefers making breakfast over lunch because she doesn’t have as much time to prepare the food. One fun fact about Ms. Young is that her favorite food is Buffalo Chicken Pizza, but she is sad that they can’t serve it anymore. She cannot order it because of the messed-up stocks. Another fun fact about the school lunch is that the school lunch director picks the lunch menu. They then send it to Ms. Young to start cooking and preparing it! Did you know that Ms. Young eats the school lunch because she would rather not pack her lunch when she can just eat the school's lunch! That is, it for this week's interview! Come back after Thanksgiving break for an interview with Ms. Fullen! Have a great Thanksgiving break Lynx!

All About Mary Scott


Sa’Niyh Laurencin



Today I interviewed Mary Scott about herself. Her favorite color is purple. The best song to her is “By Your Side” by Rod Wave. Pasta is her favorite food. Her favorite sport is Volleyball. Mary’s favorite show is Naruto and her favorite thing to do is to watch Anime. If she had one wish it would be to live in the anime world. When she grows up she wants to be a writer. She says the best thing about her is her personality. She has eight siblings, two sisters, and six brothers. Her favorite thing to to do with her siblings is to just be around them. Mary favorite animal is a dog.

Get to know more about Coach Hill



Ainsley Cutler


Hello Bon Lin Lynx! This week we interviewed a well-known teacher, Coach Hill! To start off the interview we asked Coach Hill why he wanted to teach. Coach Hill used to teach at a summer camp, so that’s why he decided to become a teacher. Coach Hill’s favorite thing to teach is Ancient China. During basketball season, he likes coaching basketball more, but during football season, he liked coaching football more. Coach Hill likes to be outdoors in his free time, playing sports, and watching sports! Coach Hills favorite type of food is Italian food, sea food and a lot of other foods. In 10 years, he hopes to continue teaching. Teachers only have 15 minutes for lunch. For lunch, he packs anything that is quick and easy because of such short time he has. Coach Hill is trying to be better with time management and arrive at school at 6:45, so he has time to get ready in the morning before the students arrive. A fun fact about Coach Hill is that he is 26 years old! Coach Hill’s favorite year of teaching was his first year because he was new to teaching and it was a good first-time experience. He thinks it’s hard to pick a favorite year because each year is different. That’s all about Coach Hill come back for a with Mrs. Johnson and Profe. Moore!