All About Jonathan Nguyen




Sedra M.



This week’s 6th grade student spotlight is Jonathan Nguyen! His favorite subject is math because he likes to solve challenging problems that require serious thinking. On the other hand, his least favorite subject is social studies because to him, learning about the past is boring and irrelevant. He dislikes that the school gives homework because to him it’s like there’s no break from school. He likes middle school better than elementary because to him there’s more freedom. Jonathan is very outgoing and talkative. He likes to meet new people from different backgrounds. He’s a risk-taker who won’t ever miss out on an opportunity to try something new, even when it seems impossible. His favorite color is red, and his favorite store is North-Face. His favorite foods are sushi and strawberry shortcake. His favorite soda is Sprite. In the future, Jonathan would love to travel to Tokyo. Jonathan’s description of himself in five words are, brave, bold, different, curious, and wholesome. His hobbies are drawing and singing. When Jonathan grows up, he wants to be a singer or a songwriter. To him, music has its properties that make it so soothing and mesmerizing. To see others happy and successful with their music makes him happy. He has a dream to have an ideal moment of success and happiness in his future.

Peer Pressure

By: Sedra Murshed


This week’s BLMS 8th grade Student Spotlight is Jada Johnson! Peer pressure is an important topic, especially in early teenage years. What’s peer pressure in simple words? Well to Jada, peer pressure is when you’re forced to complete a task when you don’t wish to & you’re uncomfortable. Peer pressure is harder to resist when the person pressuring you is your own friend. There’s also a difference between positive & negative peer pressure. An example of negative peer pressure is when someone forces you to give them the homework answers. An example of positive peer pressure is encouraging a friend or giving them confidence! Don’t get the two mixed-up! People change over the years as you grow. Peer pressure could occur in any situation. Even from the people you least expected.

Student Spolight

All About Matthew Sapp


Sa’Niyh Laurencin



This week’s 8th grade spotlight is Matthew Sapp. Matthew is 13. His favorite movie is Spider Man No Way Home. Matthew’s favorite subject is science. In the future, Matthew wants to be in the military. He has one younger sister, and her name is Nicole Sapp. He prefers iPhone over Samsung. Drake is his favorite rapper. Matthew is a dog lover, and he has a dog named Teddy that is a toy poodle. He likes hunting, and he plays the viola. His favorite video game is Call of Duty. He likes to drink coffee over tea. Matthew is good at sports and he loves to play football. Playing football is one of his favorite hobbies. He wants to visit Japan and Mexico. His favorite food is Ramen Noodles and Hotdogs, his favorite fast-food place is Chick Fil-A and Burger King, and his favorite restaurant is Los Cabos because they serve tacos and other Mexican foods. He also likes chicken, steak, shrimp, and fish. Peaches, watermelon, and cherries are his favorite fruit. His favorite dessert is ice cream, cake, and brownies. Lastly, he says if he had to make three wishes, he would wish for infinity wishes so he could ask for anything. That’s all Lynx!

Hello Bon Lin Lynx! This week I interviewed Daxon Evans, who also goes by Dax. He has 1 sibling named Cash, and he is his twin brother. Daxon is older. They both play soccer and they have been playing for around 8 years. He enjoys this sport because he likes kicking the ball and scoring. He has 3 pets, and they are all German Shepherds. Their names are Basil, Stewie, and Sky. Daxon also like the book Wonder since the story is interesting and he likes those characters, but his favorite genre is horror. His favorite thing to do with his family is watch movies. The movie and TV show Daxon enjoys the most is Hugo, and the TV show is Inside Job on Netflix. He enjoys the video game Rocket League.  Daxon plays this game because it teaches you that you can’t always be the best at everything, and there is always room for improvement. Now let’s talk about Daxon’s opinions on school. He thinks that Social Studies is the best subject and ELA is the worst. Daxon thinks this because his social studies teacher is Coach Hill, and that history is interesting. He doesn’t like ELA because he has a hard time elaborating his answers and quoting his information. Daxon takes the bus to school and likes seeing his friends on the bus and at school. Thank you for reading, Lynx! Maybe you’ll be interviewed next week!

Opinion on School


By: Sedra Murshed



This week’s 7th grade Student Spotlight is Eva Patel! Some background information about her, is that she’s 12 years old and a Capricorn! She likes to go outside and play volleyball. One more interesting fact is that Eva wishes to be able to freeze time and be invisible! Science is her favorite school subject because it’s what she’s best at. The teachers and her friends make school enjoyable, yet her worst school habit is talking during class. Eva has a strong dislike for reading books and ELA. She agrees that people need to keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves. Speaking of which, Eva wants there to be more consequences for bad behavior, and more rewards for good behavior. She disagrees with the assigned bathroom schedules. Her reasoning is that people need to go at different times, and they may not need to go during the assigned time.

All About Montana Pierce


Joey Hu & Emma Schrier



Hello Bon Lin Lynx! This week’s 8th grade student spotlight is Montana Pierce. Her full name is Montana Michelle Pierce. Seafood is her favorite food because when she visited the Disney Cruise at 4 years old, she was introduced into seafood and ever since she has really enjoyed it! Something Montana is scared about is slavery in the past (she doesn’t want it to happen again). Montana is a cheerleader for Bon Lin Middle and has been doing cheer for a long time. Montana has participated in All Star Cheer, Competitive Cheer, and school cheer. Montana’s sister did varsity cheerleading and that inspired her to want to do cheerleading. Her hobbies are cheerleading, calling her friends, speaking Spanish, and shopping. She absolutely loves going shopping! On the weekdays, Montana is a night person, but on the weekends, she’s a morning person. If Montana could travel anywhere, she would go to Bora Bora, England, or back to Paris. Her dream career is to become rich, famous, and be a model. For a long time, Montana has either wanted to be a pediatrician or a doctor. To achieve these goals, Montana will work harder, and she will be respectful, responsible, and ready. Although Montana does this herself, her biggest pet peeve is when people chew gum with their mouths open. Loyalty, knowing how to dress, and being a good friend are all qualities that Montana looks for in her friends.